My main interest lays in our instinctive interpretation of shape, form and color. I am fascinated with the idea of perception of art. Experiencing my own intuitive responses to form, shape, line, gesture and color is the most fascinating journey in art-making. Monoprinting, collage and drawing are techniques of my choice. Currently, most often I work in monoprinting where each print is a unique composition painted on a plate and transferred to paper.

My printmaking preferences evolved over the years. First I created black and white images of basic landscape elements, such as the horizon line, earth and sky, darkness and light. These images were made of expressively drawn lines, which created semi-abstract spaces charged with my emotions, revealing my different states of mind. At the University of Florida, my prints were inspired by exotic nature and colors. Rather than aggressive lines, I started to depict landscapes as misty, emotional images full of color. While on residency in New Mexico at the Santa Fe Art Institute, I became fascinated with rock formations and created a series of monoprints called Stone Series depicting the beauty and uniqueness of each and every stone I found.

Abstract expressionism has always moved my imagination. Some of my most admired artists are: Cy Twombly, Mark Rothko, Martin Puryear, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell, Louise Louise Bourgeois.


Born in Lodz, Poland (1978)



1997-2002 Academy of Fine Arts and Design with Major in Printmaking and minor in Photography

2002-2005 University of Florida, Major in Fine Arts

2007-2010 Harvard Graduate School of Design Master in Landscape Architecture



Since 2010, Designer at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates.

2006-2007 Graphic Design Instructor at CDIA – Teaching graphic design at the Digital Center Imaging Arts at Boston University

2005-2006 Adjunct at Collage of Santa Fe, MN, teaching printmaking

2003-2004 Teaching Fellow at University of Florida, teaching printmaking and perceptual drawing



Vermont Studio Center (2005)

Santa Fe Art Institute (2006)