Mono-printing is my favorite technique. Each print is a unique composition painted on a plate and transferred to paper.

I started printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz, Poland, where I received my MFA in 2002.  At that time, I created black and white images of basic landscape elements, such as the horizon line, earth and sky, darkness and light. These images were made of expressively drawn lines, which created semi-abstract spaces charged with my emotions, revealing my different states of mind.

I continued my experience with printmaking at University of  Florida, where I completed an MFA program in fine arts in 2005. Exotic nature, which I discovered there, inspired me to incorporate color into my artwork. My understanding of nature's essence changed. Rather then aggressive lines, I started to depict landscapes as misty images full of color.

While on residency in New Mexico at the Santa Fe Art Institute, I became fascinated with rock formations and created a Stone Series depicting the beauty and unique character of each and every stone I found.

Currently in my artwork, I seek to express the feeling of living in one of the world's busiest cities while searching for serenity and presence of nature.